Weddings Projects

A simple to make card box for your wedding cards
Your big day in a shadow box
Love banner for the bridal shower
Honor deceased loved ones at your wedding
A great way to remember the fun from the bachelorette party.
Put your love on display
A candle and a photo matchbox make a perfect favor!
Teabags featuring the happy couple make a cute favor for bridal showers.
Create great conversation pieces with photo centerpieces
Sprinkle the wedding table with photo confetti!
Use a newspaper from the wedding day to create a unique frame
Write the lyrics of the wedding song on the frame's matte
Hang photos of the wedding couple on their champagne glasses
Decorate wedding chairs with photos
Make your bridal party gift special with pictures on the boxes.
Remember your honeymoon trip with a photo paper weight.
Make a photo display like that special day – you surrounded with loved ones.
An old window frame shows off your wedding pictures perfectly!
Put those extra candlesticks to good use to display wedding photos.
This frame highlights the wedding date as well as the bride and groom.
Vintage dishware helps display wedding photos of family weddings.
Feature photos of the bride and groom at different ages as the table markers.
Share your happiest moments in this easy-to-make photo display.
Honor someone special on your wedding day.
Once you've popped the cork, save it for a special photo holder.