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Announcing the new KODAK MOMENTS App

Kodak Alaris today introduces a new experience for consumers: visual storytelling that transforms photos into beautiful Moments worth sharing.

The new KODAK MOMENTS App offers an array of narrative tools meant to awaken the storyteller within everyone.

Pictures can be enhanced with beautifully designed text, block quotes and more.

Follow like-minded people to see how they tell their stories and share their Moments. Users get notifications whenever friends start to follow their KODAK MOMENTS or have liked one of their KODAK MOMENTS.

The experience is also completely ad-free, ensuring one's KODAK MOMENTS App news feed is a place for the most memorable Moments.


Making Moments more memorable



Users can enhance their Moments with storytelling features including beautifully designed captions, layouts and dramatic block quotes.

Turn powerful images into more vivid Moments with easy-to-use photo editing tools.

There's no limit to the number of Moments users can upload on the KODAK MOMENTS App.



The KODAK MOMENTS App is about preserving, saving and sharing your Moments safely and securely.

The experience is completely ad-free.

Moments can be shared within the app, as printed images or more widely on any social network.

Moments can be shared anytime as they are stored with original image quality and resolution.



Create beautiful mementos from a variety of photo products like canvases, cards, collages and photo books.

Choose to pick up your products same day at a nearby store or have them delivered directly to your door.

Conveniently connect to a KODAK Picture Kiosk at a local retail store and print your favorite Moments in minutes.

"The Memory Observatory" -- SXSW 2016

For those attended SXSW 2016, Kodak Alaris has partnered with famed artist Marcos Lutyens to create a physical manifestation of the KODAK MOMENT App called 'The Memory Observatory".

The interactive installation will debut on March 12th at the Austin Convention Center, bringing to life the new app's unique capabilities: making Moments more memorable, sharing Moments in a safe place, and keeping artifacts of your Moments so they can live on.

Visitor will have the opportunity to transform a favorite photo into a journey of senses from color, to sounds and smell.

For more information about "The Memory Observatory", visit:


Press Contacts:

Audrey Jonckheer
Kodak Alaris
(585) 310-5644

Alyssa Weir
(585) 507-2304


The Memory Observatory: A KODAK MOMENTS Experience at SXSW

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us. – Oscar Wilde

What is your first memory? Most likely it’s hazy around the edges… vague. If you have a photo of that memory it is probably sharper and easier to remember. Because what is a photo, but a memory frozen in time? read more >

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The new KODAK MOMENTS App is available now for download in the APPLE App Store for iOS devices.

Existing KODAK MOMENTS App users can download the latest updates to enjoy the new features. 

KODAK MOMENTS App for ANDROID will be available in Spring 2016.