Cut photos to the size and shape of the state or country where you took the photo and add to a large map for displaying all the places you have been.

Time to complete:  1:00 (hh:mm)

Skill level:  medium

What you'll need:

  • Travel photos
  • Two identical maps
  • Scissors and/or utility knife
  • Glue

How to Make It

  1. Print your pictures on the KODAK Picture Kiosk or the My KODAK MOMENTS App
  2. Select a photo for a state or country
  3. Use one map for a cutting template and one for the display. Cut the state or country out of map #1
  4. Use that cut-out as a template to cut the photo to the shape of the state or country
  5. Glue the photo to the state or country spot on map #2Tip: Be sure to print photos large enough to fit the state or country you intend to cover. Time to complete depends on how many states or countries you have traveled to.