Give an empty heart shaped candy box new life as a Valentine's photo frame.

Time to complete:  00:30 (hh:mm)

Skill level:  medium

What you'll need:

  • an empty heart shaped candy box
  • a favorite photo
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • glue

How to Make It

  • Remove the candy wrappers from the empty candy box. Measure the height and width of the box’s heart shape and print out a favorite photo to match the size


  • Use the bottom of the candy box to trace the heart shape onto the photo


  • Cut the photo out to fit into the candy box bottom


  • Glue the photo inside the candy box bottom


  • Cut three sides of a rectangle into the top of the candy box with the uncut edge at what is the top of the heart. Fold the rectangle down and that will be the stand for the frame


  • Glue the top of the box (with the stand) upside down to the bottom of the box with the picture inside.


  • Allow the glue to dry. This is what the back of the frame should look like