Sports Projects

A KODAK Poster featuring the team shot and signed by all the athletes makes a great end-of-the-season gift for the coach.
Frame your best action shots for a unique display.
Identify your backpack or duffle bag with a personalized photo clip.
Cheer on your guests at a soccer-themed birthday party or the party for the big game, with these sporty decorations!
Identify that first place ribbon with a photo.
Try this fun way to display this season's sports jersey.
This easy project helps celebrate the season's best memories.
Make a sports photo pennant with a favorite photo.
Remember the season's best with a shadow box.
Enjoy your favorite moments of the season with this collage.
This unique but practical party favor will be a hit.
Add a photo to your sports trophy for an even more impressive award.
Celebrate your athlete's big day with a photo cake.