Home Decor Projects

Custom-made photo calendar
Maps featuring your hometown and your sweetheart’s are accented with a favorite photo
Feature favorite photos on reclaimed wood
Show off what you love with photos.
An easy but modern way to hang photos at home.
Update your décor with useful but pretty photo coasters.
With this project, you'll have a fancy place to hang your things when you walk in the door.
Honor your ancestors with this vintage display of precious family photos.
Create a photo wreath for year-round décor that everyone will love.
Create a photo window of a memorable moment with the KODAK Picture Kiosk.
Gather up pictures at a KODAK Picture Kiosk and make a personalized serving tray.
Personalize your picnic table with your best pictures.
What a cool way to display siblings or friends in a child's room! Use the KODAK Picture Kiosk to make the prints.
Create a cool mosaic look with a poster print from a KODAK Picture Kiosk.
Any kind of photo makes a great background for some photo magnets or thumbtacks.
Don't let any space go unadorned when you have so many great pictures.
Celebrate someone special or an important event with photo blocks.
With the KODAK Picture Kiosk it's easy to liven up a quiet corner of any room quickly with a decorative photo banner.
Decorate the kitchen with a muffin tin of your favorite family-baking moments.
Give your pictures a new look by combining 4 frames into one.
Put your family tree on display with this unique photo display.
Add photos to a family birthday plaque to make a fun decoration.
Turn a simple candle into an attractive photo display.
Decorate any room with an initial covered with your favorite photos.
Display the pictures from your photo calendar in a banner so you can enjoy the whole year at once.
Backlight Photo Frames Bring your pictures to life by putting them in frames and lighting them from behind.
Print a landscape poster, then hang a banner of vacation shots on it.
Capture vacation memories with a photo jar.
Embellish a frame of your favorite vacation shot.