Pom-Pom Photo Garland

  • Create a pom-pom by wrapping yarn around your fingers to the desired size.
  • Carefully slip the yarn off your hand then tightly tie it in half with a separate piece of yarn.
  • Turn the bundle over and tie a double knot on the other side.
  • Cut through all the loops in the bundle. Fluff your pom pom up by rolling it through your fingers.
  • Trim the excess yarn to tidy it up. Repeat steps to create multiple pom-poms.
  • Use needle to thread yarn through pom-poms to create a garland.
  • Hang up your Kodak Moments Classic Prints with the clothespins.

Cookie Cutter Photo Ornaments

  • Create Kodak Moments Prints here.
  • Place cookie cutter on top of your Print, trace the outline then cut out.
  • Dab craft glue along the edge of the cookie cutter and press Print cutout onto it.
  • Once glue has dried, thread ribbon through needle. Poke your needle through the top of the cookie cutter where you want your ornament to hang.
  • Tie a knot and hang it on your tree.

Festive Christmas Crackers

  • Fill up your cardboard tube with tiny treasures like confetti, toys or candy.
  • Lay wrapping paper or tissue paper flat and glue a Kodak Moments Print to it.
  • Wrap cardboard tube with tissue paper or wrapping paper and secure ends with ribbon.

Custom Photo Gift Tags

  • Print your favorite photos on Kodak Moments 4×6 Classic Prints.
  • Download the photo tag template here then trim your Print to the shape.
  • Punch a hole at the top then thread a ribbon through the hole and secure tag to gift.