DIY Photo Box

  1. Create Kodak Moments prints
  2. Cut the paper to the width of the box
  3. Fold the paper accordion style
  4. Trim your Kodak Moments prints
  5. Stick the prints to the paper

Pom-Pom Photo Garland

  • Create a pom-pom by wrapping yarn around your fingers to the desired size.
  • Carefully slip the yarn off your hand then tightly tie it in half with a separate piece of yarn.
  • Turn the bundle over and tie a double knot on the other side.
  • Cut through all the loops in the bundle. Fluff your pom pom up by rolling it through your fingers.
  • Trim the excess yarn to tidy it up. Repeat steps to create multiple pom-poms.
  • Use needle to thread yarn through pom-poms to create a garland.
  • Hang up your Kodak Moments Classic Prints with the clothespins.

Cookie Cutter Photo Ornaments

  • Create Kodak Moments Prints here.
  • Place cookie cutter on top of your Print, trace the outline then cut out.
  • Dab craft glue along the edge of the cookie cutter and press Print cutout onto it.
  • Once glue has dried, thread ribbon through needle. Poke your needle through the top of the cookie cutter where you want your ornament to hang.
  • Tie a knot and hang it on your tree.

Festive Christmas Crackers

  • Fill up your cardboard tube with tiny treasures like confetti, toys or candy.
  • Lay wrapping paper or tissue paper flat and glue a Kodak Moments Print to it.
  • Wrap cardboard tube with tissue paper or wrapping paper and secure ends with ribbon.

Custom Photo Gift Tags

  • Print your favorite photos on Kodak Moments 4×6 Classic Prints.
  • Download the photo tag template here then trim your Print to the shape.
  • Punch a hole at the top then thread a ribbon through the hole and secure tag to gift.

Mini Print Clips

  • Print your photos here
  • Drill a hole on one side of each block 
  • Add a drop of super glue to the hole and insert an alligator clip 
  • Let dry, clip in a photo and done!

Tip: trim your alligator clip tail to different lengths to give each piece a distinct look

Photo Album

  • Print your favorite moments from your camera roll 
  • Collect the old prints you’ve been saving
  • Put it all together in your book and customize it with accessories and memorabilia to make it uniquely yours

DIY: Modern Poster Hanger

  • Create your high-quality enlargements and posters on the Kodak Picture Kiosk or with the Kodak Moments App.
  • Cut the plywood slats to match your poster’s dimensions.
  • Place a dab of glue at each end of the slats and add a magnet, making sure the positive poles face out and the other slat has the negative poles facing out, so the pair of strips will be attracted to each other.
  • Place your poster between the slats.
  • Add twine for hanging.

Springtime DIY: Modern Photo Hanger

  • Print your square format pictures on the Kodak Picture Kiosk or with the Kodak Moments App
  • Drill 4 evenly-spaced holes along 2 dowel rods
  • Tie a loop of twine through each hole and create a knot to secure each end
  • Attach your photos to the twine using the clothespin

Photo Gift Box

  1. Print picture using the KODAK MOMENTS App or the KODAK Picture Kiosk
  2. Use clear tape to attach photo to box
  3. Attach washi tape in a geometric pattern